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At SOLOMON MAGAZINE, we are dedicated to networking. We encourage the entire global community, non-profit organizations, bloggers, news media and interested parties to engage with SOLOMON MAGAZINE through email, social media and phone. If you are a for-profit company seeking to sponsor or advertise with SOLOMON MAGAZINE or if you’d like to reach TPNG Media to produce a PTV1-branded video, television series, original editorial program, in a corporate context or if you’d like to host a program or advertise on KPR1 or KGM1 Radio, please contact our sales team with the form listed above and someone from our team will be in touch!

SOLOMON MAGAZINE provides a number of informative platforms to reach the public and have your voice be heard and brand be seen. Many of these may be helpful to you in reaching a targeted audience specific to your desires and goals. For information on how you can request media coverage for upcoming events, please contact our press team with the form listed above. (Please note 2-4 week advance notice is required for events outside of California)

SOLOMON MAGAZINE also provides a press room with links to articles featured in SOLOMON MAGAZINE or in one of our stories and some of the information you are seeking may be available in one or more of these articles.

Note: All articles were written by SOLOMON MAGAZINE (were indicated)  and published in the magazine and other outlets shown, and may not be reproduced without permission. For information regarding reprinting any articles either whole or in part, or on reproducing any photos found on this site or in articles please contact

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