Gabriel Solomon Editor

The West Coast was in full effect and Kings were holding it down in #SiliconValley. The music industry is changing but the innovators who started this gangster s☆☆t are relevant in today’s rap scene as they were 20 years ago. It was a unforgettable experience and culmination of SAP Center 25 anniversary, in which concert goers enjoyed a festival weekend and the best in West Coast Hip Hop. Throughout the day, festival attendees enjoyed live music, amusement rides and massive mural by California-based artists. The real attraction was held Saturday night by Bobby Dee Presents for rap and Hip Hop icons who revolutionized the West Coast rap music scene and made 5 men household names. Even though the industry has changed drastically with an influx of artists who rely deeply on the 808 kick than lyric compositions, the crowd inside the Center showed why the #KingsOfTheWest are still loved and needed on today’s music scene. #BobbyDeePresents brought #KingsOfTheWest to #SanJose #California with some of the biggest names in #HipHop and #Rap. #IceCube, #TooShort, #SnoopDog, #E40, #WarrenG #BLigit, #WC #Berner #Blueface. Fans and supporters of  #WestCoast Music were not disappointed and received everything they paid for and more. “The Kings Of The West” took over the sold out crowd of 70 thousand plus at the #SAP Center Saturday night and they kept it rocking from beginning to end. This could only happen in the #SouthBay where you will see a rap concert filled with thick gray smoke than gun smoke. This was a non violent event for a rap concert and promoters should begin to book seasoned artists since it is pure gold in the 35 plus rap market without the drama and mayhem associated with rap concerts. In my opinion, this is what hip-hop needs and Bobby Dee Presents and the SAP Center should be commended for bringing the very best in Hip Hop under one roof.


After waiting some time for my Media photo pass to be verified, I was escorted to the media pit right in front of the sound engineering area while “Berner” was on stage. I was occupied with trying to get an unobstructed view of the stage over the standing crowd but the loud applause and screams treated #Berner like royalty. The ex #KMEL personality #ChuyGomez who many say had an intricate part of putting #BayArea rap music on the map 20 plus years ago, was master of ceremonies and was holding court on stage for the 17 thousand plus crowd. When Chuy announced #WarrenG the creator of the #GFunkEra, the audience erupted in cheers and the “Kings Of The West” was officially underway.  Starting off with a G Funk Classic, Warren G went into hits that made him the reigning king of Gangster Funk. ‘This D.J” “I Want It” “Do You See” and the cult classic that shot Warren G to pop culture “Regulate” with late Nate Dogg. The crowd was really into his set and one concert goer even bought the g funker a beer.


When I began to realize that this was going to be a concert for the history books, reminiscent of the 80s “Fresh Festivals” or “Rock The Mic Concerts”  I had to get closer to the stage or better yet backstage for an exclusive interview, people’s I’m G.S and this what I do. Chuy Gomoz said” Are you ready for #TooShort ? and the urgency to get back stage was priority #1. This is the godfather of #BayArea #hiphop and the reason why I started #ThePositiveNetworkGroup https://www.tpng.biz/ In the early 80s, #ToddShaw aka Too Short put #Oakland on the rap radar with #FreakyTales #FemaleFunk #ShortbutFunky #TheGhetto and when everybody thought he was retiring, he went to #ATL and collaborated with #LilJon for club hits #ShakeThatMoney and #BlowTheWhistle. They loved Too Short and when I began to take pictures of the crowd, I witnessed a 80 year old white man dancing to Blow The Whistle. This is the energy that has disappeared in #hiphop music and among the new generation of rap and hip hop artists. Bobby Dee Presents gets both thumbs up for bringing real rap to old heads, I can’t wait for the next concert for the 35 plus crowd.


After observing Too Short spend a few moments with two beautiful women backstage, I was informed that #TheGame was unable to make it to “Kings Of The West” concert but #Blueface was added in his place. Blueface is a new artist on the scene with a song “Bust it down Thotiana” burning up radio and club rotation and featured in the animation movie “Hotel Transylvania 3”. Blueface was a good replacement for The Game and though The Game would have kept the crowd hyped with hits that have been in regular rotation since he arrived on the rap scene, Blueface did his part to make concert hyped for the West Coast.

The capacity of the crowd backstage was overwhelming and getting close up pictures of artists on stage was becoming more difficult as the concert progressed. When I got the heads up by security that #E40 was heading to the stage, this was my cue to exit stage left. I was able to position myself by the entrance to the side stage and took an excellent picture of E40 aka #TheCounselor #TheAmbassador before he went up the stairs to the stage. #BLigit grabbed my attention immediately because of his deep baritone voice and opened the set with a classic hit that him and his cousin #EarlStevens aka E40 collaborated on and made a platinum success. This was the 1st time I’ve seen E40  and BLigit on stage but hearing all the songs that I play constantly during my daily travels “Choices” “Tell Me When To Go” “Function” “Savage” “Sideways” and several of his new bangers from his upcoming album, it is easy to realize why the Yay Area and beyond respect E40 hustle. I also had the opportunity to see his wife backstage being escorted by E40 security personnel and it is something to speak on when you see the spouse of entertainers and athletes traveling with their husbands. I knew i would be able to get an inclusive interview, but once again my plans were flawed since his departed on the steps on the opposite side of the stage.


The media access afforded to #TPNG Media by Bobby Dee Presents was just short of remarkable and hope to work with Patty, the Publicist of BDP on future concerts. “Kings Of The West” sold out concert was an opportunity that few artists will ever experience but for Ice Cube, it could be another notch on his already stellar career.  They make movies about people like him (oh wait they did called #StraitOuttaCompton). Here is the man who started gangster rap with the group #NWA and went on to star in the late #JohnSingleton break out film “Boyz in the Hood”. Ice Cube would also appear in another John Singleton film ‘Higher Learning”. He would go on to have a major role in ‘Anaconda” staring #JenniferLopez, where the brother man and the Latino sister survived. “Players Club” with the Late #BernieMack and the trilogy cult classics “Friday” 1st with #ChrisTucker and next two with #MikeEpps. After going solo, Ice Cube achieved Platinum success with “It Was a Good Day” “No Vaseline” a diss track to his former comrades of NWA, #McRen #DrDre #DjYella and late #EazyE and manager #JerryHeller.  Ice Cube would later team up with #WC and #Mack10 on tracks ‘Bow Down “Hoo Bangin” “Connected 4 Life” and “Gangstas Don’t Dance” . #O’SheaJackson, aka Ice Cube. With no major melanated ownership within the #NBA, Ice Cube founded the #3on3 basketball league. This guy is bigger than life and went he hit the stage at the SAP Center with his Westside Connection partner WC, they went through hits of the past to the present that astounded the crowd with hands in the air. The 45 minute set seemed like an hour because of the excitement exploding from the stage. I positioned myself near the stage steps for quick interview but his security team whisked him away so I hope to get an interview at a later date.


I was feeling pretty stoked with the artists who already performed but the headliner was still a no show at 11:30 pm and though a few whispers thought a no show, I knew #SnoopDog would be on the scene soon. I was correct when I was barred to enter the dressing room area, so quickly made my way to the other side of the stage, to take my position by the steps. I was also in position near #CalvinCordozarBroadusJr aka Snoop Dog dancers dressing tent near the stage. Then to my disappointment, SAP security team cleared out the side stage area while Snoop Dog approached. Snoop Dog hit the stage and the crowd was on fire. Thick gray smoke filled the air and his dancers hit the 4 mobile stripper pole like a scene out of the “Players Club”. This was a stage show that I have not scene since the tour that R Kelly put together. Snoop dog went though all his classics when his was on #DeathRowRecords #NoLimitRecords and now his own. “Drop it like it’s Hot” “Gin and Juice” “Doggy Dogg World” and hits from upcoming album. The concert went well in the wee morning but who cares when you are witnessing history in the rap game. Snoop Dog 7ft brown snoopy mascot was strutting around the dancers on the stripper poles and the concert goers was loving it. After making a special tribute to the late rapper #NipsyHustle, I knew my opportunity for an exclusive interview would be next to impossible, so exited to beat the crowd leaving. This was an experience of a life time so stay tuned because G.S will be on the scene for the next big concert on the East or West Coast.


ll out