1259825By the mouth of two or three witnesses  shall he die that is to be slain. Let no
man be put to death, when only one beareth witness against him. Deuteronomy 17:6

When most melonnated men and women face a Judicial system that display in many cases; racism, bigotry, witness coercion, evidence tampering, police misconduct than as a Nation, it is our rights as tax paying citizens to reform and remove from office, position and bench, the perpetrators who willfully abuse their power against the rights of the innocent. G.S

“If Beale Street Could Talk” cut like a knife and opened my heart and consciousness over the weekend that left me crying for the thousands of fatherless boys and single mothers across America, that sacrifice their time and resources to visit their husbands and children fathers incarcerated in prison. These are the same women who are forced to raise boys alone or with minimum support from civil rights organizations, faith based groups, political parties, judicial rights advocates. mainstream media, entertainment and sports organizations, fortune 500 corporations and family.      Deuteronomy 27:19

The movie grabs your attention with a well placed scene highlighting the innocence of children who know neither the complications or emphasis on sexuality and sexual prowess within communities of color. The scene of a little boy and girl playing in a bathtub together, speaks volumes about the unadulterated love we all share for one another before reaching puberty and the harsh reality of sexual abuse, rape, harrassment and intimidation inflicted upon thousands of women by men inside and outside of their ethnicity.  The reenactments of an adolescent #Clementine(Kiki Layne) and #Alonzo(Stephan James) spending their bath time together is touching and expresses the pureness within children before lust and engrossed sexual abuse that goes unchecked within the hearts and loins of many individuals who use sex as a weapon and tool to influence or trap others. The scene asks the viewer to dwell upon their own adolescent years, before the peer pressure and subliminal messaging so prevalent in society, that makes you examine the opposite or same gender differently and sexually .


Another scene deals with the announcement of new life within the family and the approach used by Clementine mother #Sharon(Regina King) to her husband #MrRivers (Colman Domingo) and oldest daughter #Ernestine(Teyonah Parris).  The scene begs you to seriously contemplate your first experience as an adolescent teen or adult breaking celibacy for love or desire for someone. The emotions and passion you strive to share with an individual who would thrust you into woman or manhood, while dealing with the mental challenges associated with carnal pleasure.

So many issues and situations tightly packaged within “If Beale Street Could Talk” that shoots directly at the heart of love, parenthood, class distinction, faith, sexual abuse, harrassment, racism and police misconduct. Subtly but distinctive overtones of the mistrust long held between a large portion of the melonnated community and majority of caucasian population throughout America. Hatred, bigotry, stereotypes, racial divisiveness are symptoms of the heart and consciousness that can be easily cured through truthful dialogue and fear abandonment. Throughtout the movie, strength and devotion to family held in two parent households that seldom is written in movies with majority melonnated cast, is highlighted and welcomed by both strong mother and father role models. Tituss 2;1-12

#IfBealeStreetCouldTalk” based on the book by #JamesBaldwin starring #KikiLayne, #StephanJames, #ReginaKing, #ColemanDomingo, #TeyonahParis, #MichaelBeach, #AunjanueEllis is a delightful but tragic story written for screen and directed by #BarryJenkins that touches your heart and conscience while getting to the root of injustice in #America.

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