anita denee

CLEO TV’s signature series CLEO SPEAKS continues with psychologist and former Editor-in-Chief of Heart and Soul Magazine Anita Kopacz, and dancer/choreographer to the stars Denee Baptiste. A child sexual abuse survivor, Kopacz helps victims deal with trauma and is the author of “Finding Your Way.” She opens up about her path to healing and work as a psychologist. Known for her stage work with Beyoncé, Denee Baptiste shares her journey as a mother, performer, dancer, motivational speaker and   passion for inspiring young dancers to follow their dreams.

CLEO SPEAKS is a candid series that gives dynamic women a platform to share their truths with the world. Selected for their impact on the world, true modern leaders, from CEOs and activists to entrepreneurs, share their candor.

CLEO SPEAKS Returns on Saturday, April 13 at 9 A.M./8C,