The Bible says, “be fruitful and multiply,” and David Mann and his wife, Tamela Mann, are making it their mission to help couples with that. The duo just released a clean R&B album for those close, intimate moments, opposite of R. Kelly or Ron Isley vibes.

David and Tamela want to dedicate this album to Christians: “You know what we represent, or who we represent. You know that our love for each other is 30 years strong and growing. So we wanted to make music that people can have those intimate moments with, and not listen and be like, ‘girl, let me slap you, bump you, pop you.’ All of that stuff.”

The album is based on the couple’s new memoir, “Us Against the World: Our Secrets to Love, Marriage, and Family,” and the moments that made their 30-year marriage last. Their first single on the project, “Good Love,” gives you all the soulful R&B harmonies with lyrics about overcoming their ups and downs through faith.

But, the NAACP Image Award-winning actor says it’s still “making baby music,” even though the LP isn’t salacious. “Us Against the World,” mirrored from their book, was truly a family affair. It was produced by the couple and their son, David Mann, Jr. It’s possible the idea came after David Jr. almost caught his parents in an intimate moment after temporarily moving back into the MANNsion earlier this year.

The “Take Me To The King” singer said recording these songs made her see her husband in a new light: “It was different for me, it was really different, even though I was happy to think about the man that I love [while singing]. It made me even look at him differently, and in all honesty, we tested it out and it really worked.”The Manns are definitely entering new territory with this music, but people on social media have mixed reviews about the concept of “clean, baby making music”: