Angela Bassett has achieved another milestone. The 60-year-old veteran actor yes, that’s right SIXTY is now the first female robot in the Transformers franchise with her role as Shatter in Bumblebee. Shatter is the queen of the Decepticons so you can imagine it was a no brainer for Bassett to play. The film is just the cherry on top of a year for Bassett that has been full of dope projects including Black Panther, Mission Impossible: Fallout and 9-1-1. In the film, Bassett voices the character of Shatter, the first female Decepticon in the history of the film franchise. And while Bassett is known for breathing life into inspiring and regal characters, playing Shatter meant she finally got to be the bad guy. “Being an actor isn’t like being an opera singer, for example. Sometimes I get the call and I have to go tomorrow, but it’s what you signed up for,” Bassett continued. “It’s not something you can plot out, but what you can plot out is remaining passionate and in love with what you do; always studying by watching others and appreciating it; and not becoming cynical when it becomes slow.”

“I had the best fun,” Bassett said with a laugh. “I usually end up in the universe where you’re noble and virtuous. But when you’re playing bad guys, they get to have a delectable amount of fun. It frees you up a lot more,” she said, explaining the difference between voice acting and starring in front of the camera. “You’re on a dark stage by yourself, looking at a big screen. You just get to open up with abandon. And sometimes it can be embarrassing, but you get to do it again. It’s a lot more opportunity to play.”

“Timing is everything and 2018 was the year,” she said of her goal to be part of a series. “Black Panther will be a franchise. Mission Impossible is a wildly successful franchise and I didn’t die off, so hopefully I’ll get to revisit that again. And it was wonderful to be a part of Bumblebee, which is the origin of the Transformers franchise.”

“I’ve just been blessed,” she said. “It’s probably just a combination of study, of passion, of right play at the right time, of being resilient, being realistic, and being open.”