104 ” I swear unto you that in heaven the angels will remember you for good before the glory of the Great One; and your names shall be written before the glory of the Great One. ●Be hopeful, because formerly you have pinned away through evil and toil. But now you shall shine like the lights of heaven, and you shall be seen; and the windows of heaven shall be opened for you. Your cry shall be heard. ●Cry for judgment, and it shall appear for you; for all your tribulations shall be (demanded) for investigation from the (responsible) authorities-from everyone who assisted those who plundered you. ●Be hopeful, and do not abandon your hope, because there shall be a fire for you; you are about to be making a great rejoicing like the angels of heaven. ● You shall not have to hide on the day of the great judgement, and you shall not be found as the sinners; but the eternal judgement shall be (far) away from you for all the generations of the world. ●Now fear not, righteous ones, when you see the sinners waxing strong and flourishing, do not be partners with them, but keep far away from those who lean upon their own injustice; for you are to be partners with the good-hearted people of heaven. ● Now, you sinners, even if you say, All our sins shall not be investigated or written down, nevertheless, all your sins are being written down every day. ●So now I show unto you that light and darkness as well as day and night witness all your sins. ●Do not become wicked in your hearts, or lie, or alter the words of a just verdict, or utter falsehood against the words of the Great, the Holy One, or give praise to your idols; for all your lies and all your wickedness are not for righteousness but for great sin. ●And now I know this mystery: For they (the sinners) shall alter the just verdict and many sinners shall take it to heart; they will speak evil words and lie, and they will event fictitious stories and write out my Scriptures on the basis of their own words. ●And that they had written down all the words truthfully on the basis of their own speech, and neither alter or take away from my words, all of which I testified to them from the beginning! ●Again know another mystery! that to the righteous and the wise shall be given the Scriptures of joy, for truth and great wisdom. ●So to them shall be given the Scriptures, and they shall believe them and be glad in them; and all the righteous ones who learn from them the ways of truth shall rejoice.