103  “I now swear to you, righteous ones, by the glory of the Great One and by the glory of his kingdom; and I swear to you (even) by the Great One. ●For I know this mystery, I have read the tablets of heaven and have seen the holy writings, and I have understood the writing in them; and they are inscribed concerning you. ●For all good things, and joy and honor are prepared for and written down for the souls of those who died in righteousness. Many and good things shall be given to you- the offshoot of your labors. Your lot exceeds even that of the living ones. ●The spirits of those who died in righteousness shall live and rejoice; their spirits shall not perish nor their memorial from before the face of the Great One until all the generations of the world. Therefore, do not worry about their humiliation.                       “Woe unto you sinners who are dead! When you are dead in the wealth of your sins, those who are like you will say of you, “Happy are you sinners! (The sinners) have seen all their days. ●They have died now in prosperity and wealth. They have not experienced struggle and battle in their lifetime. ●They have died in glory, and there was no judgment in their lifetime. ●You yourself know that they will bring your soul down to Sheol; and they shall experience evil and great tribulation-in darkness, nets, and burning flame. ●Your souls shall enter into the great judgement; it shall be a great judgment in all the generations of the world. Woe unto you, for there is no peace for you! ●Now to the righteous and kind ones during their lifetime: Do not say, “In the day of our toil, we have surely suffered hardships and have experienced every trouble. We have faced many evil things and have become consumed. We have died and become few, (characterized) by the littleness of our spirit. ●We have been destroyed, and we have found none whatsoever to help us with a word or otherwise. We have been tortured and destroyed, and could not even hope to see life from one day to the other, ●We hoped to be the head and have become the tail, We have moiled as we toiled, but had no authority over our own toil. We have become the victuals of the sinners and the oppressors, they have made their yoke heavy upon us. ●Those who hate us, while goading us and encompassing us, have became masters over us. We have bowed our necks to those who hate us, but they had no pity on us. ●We wanted to get away from them in order that we may escape and be at rest; but we found no place to which we might flee and be safe from them. ●Then, in our tribulation, we brought a charge against them before the authorities, and cried out against those who were devouring us, but they (the authorities) neither would pay attention to our cries nor wish to listen to our voice. ●But (on the contrary) they were assisting those who were robbing and devouring us, those who were causing us to diminish. They (the authorities) conceal their (the offenders) injustice and do not remove the yokes of those who devour us, scatter us, and murder us; they (the authorities) cover up our murder, and they (the authorities) do not remember (the fact) that they (the offenders) have lifted up their hands against us.’