37143997_976200925895389_4601110400195362816_o“In those days, when he hurls out against you terror and fire, where shall you flee, and where shall you find safety? When he flings his words against you, will you not faint and fear? ●All the luminaries show faint with great fear, the whole earth shall faint and tremble and panic. ●All the Angels shall fulfill their orders. The children of the earth will seek to hide themselves from the presence of the Great Glory, trembling and confounded. You, sinners, you are accursed forever; there is no peace for you! ●But you, souls of the righteous, fear not; and be hopeful, you souls that died in righteousness! ●Be not sad because you’re souls have gone down into Sheol in sorrow; or (because) your flesh fared not well the earthly existence in accordance with your goodness; indeed the time you happened to be in existence was (a time of) sinners, a time of curse and a time of plague. ●When you die, the sinners will speak over you: As we die, so do the righteous die. What then have you gained by their deeds? ●Behold, like us they died in grief and in darkness, and what more do they have than we? From now on we have become equal. ●What will they receive or what will they see forever? Behold they have surely died; and from now on they shall never see light forever. ●Now I tell you, sinners, you have satiated yourselves with food and drink, robbing and sin, impoverishing people and gaining property, and seeing good days. ●Have you seen the righteous, how their end comes about, for no justice is found upon them until their death? ●But they perished and became like those who were not, and descended into Sheol- and their spirits too- with anguish.