Ezekiel 28:

13“You were in Eden, garden of God;
Every precious stone was your covering: The ruby, the topaz, the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, the jasper, the lapis lazuli, the turquoise, the emerald; And the gold. The workmanship of your settings and sockets, was in you. On the day that you were created They were prepared.  14“You were the anointed cherub who covers, And I placed you there. You were on the Holy mountain of God; You walked in the midst of the stones of fire. 15“You were blameless in your ways. From the day you were created, until unrighteousness was found in you. 16“By the abundance of your trade, you were internally filled with violence, And you sinned; Therefore I have cast you as profane from the mountain of God. And I have destroyed you, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire. 17“Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; You corrupted your wisdom by reason of your splendor. I cast you to the ground; I put you before kings, That they may see you. 18“By the multitude of your iniquities, in the unrighteousness of your trade, you profaned your sanctuaries. Therefore I have brought fire from the midst of you; It has consumed you, And I have turned you to ashes on the earth in the eyes of all who see you. 19“All who know you among the peoples are appalled at you; You have become terrified; And you will cease to be forever.”. This is the begining of the beast that revelations speak of when the writer says. “If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath.” Revelation 14:9,10.


Beauty has two descriptions found within the #scriptures, spiritual beauty and vanity. Beauty from vanity that caused the angel by #Elohim side to be a adversary, always been associated with haughty conduct, selfish pride, lust, jealousy and deadly sin. Spiritual beauty is spoken before the begining of mankind and the creation of earth, found within the heavens. The Word of #God speaks about the True God being of immense light and unapproachable by flesh unless you have been changed by #holyspirit. The patriarch Job says in #Job 37:22, golden splendor comes from the mountain of God. He is clothed in dazzling splendor. Now because we were made in his image we are beautiful because in #Romans 10:15  the Apostle Paul says How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GOOD NEWS OF GOOD THINGS!”. The #WordofGod tells us that angels and mankind are beautifully created with a spiritual glow upon them but once corrupted, light turns to darkness and their beauty becomes hidden under ugliness and shame.

Only if #satan wouldn’t have thought too much of himself and overstepped his boundaries. Only if eve would have listened to her husband and adam would have listened to the #Creator. Only if cain would have repented before murdering his brother and nimrod would have worshipped and obeyed ‘I AM’ instead of building tower towards the heavens, than garden of eden would be #worldwide. Many who still underestimate the truthfulness and reliability of #WordofGod need only to examine writtings of the Holy Bible. The book of #Matthew says “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” Matthew” 24:12. Those lax in moral judgement and uprightness commit themselves to activities born from sons and daughters of darkness who disquise themselves to be beautiful and not the #beasts they really are. They murder with no remorse, utter profanity and sexuality will calling on their lord, kill because of a twisted thinking of patriotism for warlords or country. Sexually abuse children. Swindle the eldery and gullible. Blasphemous with their sacrilegious images and Gnostic doctrines. #ApostlePeter spoke of these people when said “But these, like unreasoning animals, born as creatures of instinct to be captured and killed, reviling where they have no knowledge, will in the destruction of those creatures also be destroyed” 2 peter 2:12″. Like the anointed cherub who was created with most precious stones known to mankind but still allowed his heart to be consumed with envy and jealousy, his followers have willing traded the beauty of life and uprightness for worldly possessions and sensual desires of the eyes and flesh with the oaths of pure satanic and demonic worship and promise to corrupt all within their reach.


All faces should be glowing from the north, south, east and west and every sort of tree for eating and healing should be in abundance. There would be peace and tranquility, since the Father would be constantly in attendance in the garden but that garden was corrupted and mankind was corrupted and dwells in a world of ungodliness.


The beast has been released into attitudes and conduct of many youths and adults now displaying badness and sadness on global scale. Hopelessness gives way to substance abuse that gives way to poverty that lead to death of the righteous #spirit. The beautiful creation of mankind has been replaced with the ugliness of disobedience. The mentality of many is constantly being reprogrammed via music, television, video, online web pages, religion, politics, to be more aggressive and manipulating towards strangers, associates and family members. Greed and unmoral behavior of others have caused many to rethink about their commitment to betterment of mankind, assistance to poor and less fortunate, positive attitudes towards women, moderation of prescription drugs and alcohol.

But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ. 2 Corinthians 11:3. This is the generation of today that either have made oaths and pacts to #lucifer for riches and power upon earth or attend religious denomanations that cater to their sinfulness and disobedient lifestyles. Many individuals will deny or justify their conduct via environment, theolgy, circumstances, financial status but the beast was once beauty that turned ugly because disobedience and vanity was found within. Alternation is possible through #Holyspirit and #prayer but you must believe to achieve to regain or maintain that coveted spiritual beauty.